Friday, 9 August 2013

"Dunas são como divãs"

Helloo :)
Sorry for being missed once again...
But I have spent all my days at the beach, so I'm really in a relaxing time,
 but I promise that I will be posting more often!
Today was a incredible day in beach, it was really fun taking these photos!
Hope that you like it!

Great weekend for you all**
Kisses JoanaC.

(Oh and I'm sorry I really don't know what is happening with my camera, 
today appears with this strangers marks :x )


  1. Gosto desta ultima foto :)
    Por acaso nao tinhas a lente suja?

    1. Não não, eu limpei a lente várias vezes :s
      Estou com receio que sejam alguns riscos ou assim...