Thursday, 30 January 2014


Hello :)

Hope that you're having a nice week!

Today, this hair and this earrings lead me totally to what is called Baroque!
This braided hair is so easy to do and I think that this really makes the difference in the outfit...

The outfit is very simple and casual today. A good look to a rainy and very cold day.

Oh and this bag was one of my purchases in sales, I'm in love with it!!

Kisses JoanaC.


Faux Fur: Vintage  Sweater: Springfield  Leggins: Modalfa  Bag: Zara

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Something classic, like play with black, white and grey!

Hello :)

Today I chose a very classic outfit, a black and white look!

The weather is very cold, so this coat was my safe "place" during the day...

Hope you like it!

Kisses JoanaC.


Bag: Parfois  Shoes: Stradivarius

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Are you ready to enter in my fairytale?

Hello ;)

Today I'm really happy, mainly with the photos that I'll show you in this post...

I'm really a dreamer person, yes, sometimes I can be a little exaggerated in my dreaming life. But today I had all the feeling and background to dream that I was in a fairytale. You are asking why...

So today I found myself feeling like I was the snow white (mostly, because it's one of my favourite characters from disney's world and because of my new fluffy white coat), in the middle of one of the most wonderful gardens that I ever seen.

Please, give me a chance, and come into my fairytale....

Kisses JoanaC.



Denim jacket: Guess  Fluffy coat: H&M  Blouse: Natura  Skirt: H&M  Bag: Parfois

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Metallic Heels


Dear readers, I'm sorry for being a little away this last days.
But I'm starting a new stage on my life, so I have been treating of everything.

Now, todays outfit was something very classy, but very comfortable for me.
Since I bought these blue heels (sincerely until now I have never gave them much use) that they are one of my favourite par of shoes. For my next purchase I really want one par of black stilletos. (I'm working on that  :b)

I can't believe that for the next week it's already the end of the month!!
Hope that you're having a great January...

Kisses JoanaC.


Faux fur: Vintage  Disco pants: H&M  Blue heels: Blanco  Bag: Primark

Friday, 17 January 2014

Denim over Denim

Hello  ;)
This look was totally inspired in one photo that I saw a few days ago...
Very sophisticated, but always with a casual touch.

Wish you all a great weekend!

Kisses JoanaC.


Jacket: Mango  Denim blouse: Guess  Jeans: Zara  Shoes: Vintage  Bag: Stradivarius

Thursday, 16 January 2014



Midi skirts, exactly...
I bought this one when I was in Germany, for a long time I was dreaming with one like this. I never wanted the ones that are only with one colour. And this one was perfect since the moment that I saw it...

I was thinking that I would never use it in the middle of winter, but today I took the risk and  this is outfit resultant.

Hope that you're having a great week!

Kisses JoanaC.


Skirt: Forever 21  Jacket: Mango  Bag: Parfois

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

black is never a error


The rainy days are still here! But I really want to continue posting almost everyday in the blog, like I'm doing since 2014 started, so neither the rain will stop me from doing it!
And here it is my post of the day...

Today I choosed a total black outfit and then I joined some accessories with colour. I've to say that I really enjoyed this outfit.
And what you think?

Kisses JoanaC.


Coat: Zara  Sweater: Stradivarius  Pants: H&M  Bag: Zara  Belt: Vintage

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mushroom Umbrella

Hello :)
Hope that you have had a great weekend!
Yesterday was so bad weather that I stayed in house...

About this outfit of the day, it's something really casual and confy for a raining time. Leggins, a blouse and a really warm jacket!

Now talking about the theme of this post, my umbrella, I was dreaming for ages  with this "mushroom umbrella",  like I call it, and now I have one and I really love it and love the design, very elegant I think...

Kisses JoanaC.


Blouse: Modalfa  Boots: Parfois  Bag: Primark  Umbrella: Gotta

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Baby it's cold outside!

Hi everyone :)

Today the day is terrible! It's non stop raining and very cold...
But in the morning when was raining a little less I had the chance to take
this photos...

I'm with this large sweater that is so warm, really good for these days!
Oh and these are my new oxford shoes, I'm in love with them, they are portuguese shoes.

Kisses JoanaC.


Coat: Pepe Jeans  Bag: Blanco  Shoes: Portuguese shoes

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Take your way...

This is my outfit of the day!
Hope you like it...

Kisses JoanaC.


Blouse: H&M  Shoes: Primark

Friday, 10 January 2014


Hello ;)
Today I only had the chance to take a few photos...
But I really loved this outfit! And you what you think?

Kisses JoanaC.


Jacket: Mango  Blouse: Mango  Jeans: Primark  Boots: H&M  Scarf: H&M   Bag: Primark

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hello :)
Today was a beautiful day, the sun is back and I decided to take a walk in my city....
I choosed this outfit, what you think?
Hope you like it!!

Kisses JoanaC.


Blaser: Zara  Sweater: Springfield Man  Blouse: Mango  Jeans: Modalfa

Wednesday, 8 January 2014



So I had to go to a class in my university and then I took the chance and spent 3 days in Coimbra with my friends!
We went to various historic places of the city. It was a beautiful day ....
This was the outfit that I chose! Hope you like it!!

Kisses JoanaC.


Coat: Mango  Skirt: H&M  Tights: Primark  Shoes: Primark  Bag: Parfois

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Something casual for sunday please...

Hello :)
It's sunday and it's very cold outside, so today I'm really in a casual and sporty way...

Wish you all a great sunday!
See you soon*

Kisses JoanaC.


Coat: United Colors of Benetton  Sweater: Stradivarius  Jeans: Primark  Bag: Parfois

Saturday, 4 January 2014

By night!

Hello :)
First I've to ask you sorry for these photos are so dark, but today I only had the chance to take photos at the end of the day.
Again I'm with the disco pants, the best purchase that I made in 2013!
Hope you like it...

Kisses JoanaC.


Coat: Pull&Bear  Blouse: Vintage  Disco Pants: H&M  Shoes: Vintage  Bag: Parfois

Friday, 3 January 2014

"She is happy just to hear me say that I will never leave her."

Hello Again :)
In the morning I brought to you a few photos from 2013. Now, here is my outfit of the day...

Finally the weather allowed me to take some pics! Since I'm in holidays every day was always raining and windy, so today I took the chance to take some photos, since today isn't raining. Hope you like it*
Oh, and the title from this post is from a lyric of beatles!

I wish you all a great weekend!

Kisses JoanaC.


Coat: Pull&Bear  Shirt: Lefties  Boots: H&M  Bag: Parfois

2013, unseen

Hello :)
Hope that you had a good start in 2014!
In this post I'm showing a new and fresh design of the blog and some of the photos of 2013 that for some reason (lack of time essentially) I didn't posted here.

Kisses JoanaC.





Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Jersey: Stradivarius  Pants: Zara  Coat: Vintage

Sorry for being so disappeared ...
This was the outfit that I chose for the new year's eve, what do you think?

Good 2014 for everyone!

Kisses JoanaC.