Thursday, 19 February 2015



Today I bring to you a big big news....
Since a long time ago that I wanted to do this, so I will tell you how this started.

After almost 4 years of growing my hair a few days ago I achieved my objectives... I had the hair so big that I could donate 28cm of it!!!
Yes I'm donating this beautiful braid of my hair to "The Little Princess Trust". I really hope that this piece of hair will give smiles for some child as it gave to me for all the years that I saw it growing.

I didn't knew how or where to donate my hair until I found a post in the Miss Tangerine blog about her experience with donating her hair.
So I have to thank her for the help in find this wonderful english children’s cancer charity. They provide real hair wigs, without any charge, to children suffering with cancer and if you want to know more about how to donate your hair and about The Little Princess Trust click in the link that will take you to their site.

I'm so happy and full of hope, I real believe that little actions can make big differences!

I have a last thank to give, but not the least, to my hairdresser - BackStage ImageLab, that helped me to realise this dream and give a new life to my hair.

Now I let you see the changes, I'm completely in love for my new short hair, hope you like it too!!

Kisses JoanaC.