Thursday, 20 September 2012

Petal 41: Dog(s)

Design by Me. Hello :) So this blouse was made by my aunt, but designed by me, I'm
really a fan of this type of blouses and I think that the collar make all the diference.
So what you think about that?
Kiss, Joana

Friday, 7 September 2012

Petal 40: Colours in the Umbrellas Time

Top: made by me; Shorts: H&M; Bag: H&M; Sandals: Bershka; Hat: H&M Men

Hello beautiful people!! Yesterday I went at this little town and when I saw all this colourful umbrellas and this cute streets I could not do a little video, so here it is...
I'm taking the best time of these last days of holidays!!
I want to talk with you about two more things, OMG I found this young and super talented artist that calls Max Schneider on youtube one of these days and I have to admit that I don't stop to listen to his musics and covers since then, search for him in youtube and you will see that you don't regret. Second thing the Vogue Fashion's Night Out is coming and I'm so happy, because for years that I want to go and I never can't because I'm always in holidays with my family, but this year I will go and I know that is such a magic night, so I hope to see you there!!
Oh and please leave the comments a reaction of what do you think of my new video (that now on you can find in my youtube channel!!)?
Kiss, Joana*

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Petal 39: Primark Outfits

Hello :)
So today I decided to make some selection of the next collection from Primark, to the next season, like I ever like to say you don't need to be rich to have fashion in your closet. Primark is one of my favourite stores, because they have the perfect itens in a low price. I hope you like...
Kisses, Joana


1. The boots are the inspiration for this three outfits, they are so pretty and go well with so many things, they are black and with spikes (one of the must-haves of the next season). In the first outfit I choose a leopard grey skirt, I'm obcessed with this type of skirts, because they are a little longer then usual and they deline in the best way the curves of your body and that blue sweater I choose it, but if it was for me I opted to cut the sides. For the second one is a very simple coral dress that I combine with a blaser, so I think that with this ankle boots the outfit will be more rocker style. And the third, and last outfit with the boots, I know what are you thinking I don't peek any pants sorry but I want to do this only with products from Primark and I don't find any pants like I was imagining, so what I was imagining? A beautiful pants in leather or some shorts in leather too. The shirt have spikes , yeih another must-have for the season, and I combinated with a standard blaser.

2. This specie of (skirt) suit that I found all in mustard and with little details in black I have to admit that was love at first sight!! Ok at the first look I couldn't decide what shirt I preferso I choosed the two, if you want something more fun and that remind you the 70's choose for the first one, but if you want something more formal and in more neutral colours choose the second shirt, both stays very cool with that wedges. For the second outift I only used the blaser, because this is a look with a dress, and this dress have standards OMG how much I love standards and to not create a black and white look this mustard will make all the difference.

3. Woow this jacket! I really want this type of jacket for such a long time and the grey is like always a winter colour. The first one, dress and blaser complete a beautiful suit for a more formal day, the mustard gloves and black/gold wedges make all the difference in this case, because is too much grey and I don't want  to seems like a older woman. Second look is a standards looks, in blue/black/gold shades, I really love this outfit, because is funny, girly and at the same time formal with the jacket and the gold shoes, but if you want to seems more informal choose for some slippers (in gold too).


4. I describe this like the simple but my favourite outfit! It's simple beacause you only need of one dress and the boots make the rest, these boots/sneakers are one must-have for the season, really. The first one is so rocker and edgy look with the pelpum blue dress and the black bag I definetely love it, is a perfect outfit to a date or a night party. I would take the second to a regular school day, the dress is very girly and the boots with all that silver sparkles complete the look to something so much more fun.

5. Fith and last outfit, black and white, the "pelpum" tops or skirts or dresses are completely in the highest looks of the year and they don't desappear in this season, until now I opted for don't buy anyone, but now and after doing this outfit I'm thinking to buy it. The standard pants make the all look stay more formal. 

And to finally this long post, sorry for that, I picked some more pieces that I couldn't combine in one outfit, but that I couldn't don't show to you, so here they are:


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Petal 38: Fall I Want You Back!!

As some of you already know I'm a lover of Fall and Winter, so I have to admit that I'm completely expecting the Fall time...until then I will selecting some of my favourite pieces for the season!!
This is one of my lists of, what do you think?
I decided to combine a pastel blue colour with a bordeaux tones, that always remind me the cold time, and to never lose that touch of "chic girl in town" I put together some glitter elements like the boots and the accessories (ring, hat, colar), and the skirt is little bit longer than the usual.  I really love this outfit.
Bye Bye, Joana  ;)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Petal 37: New Hairstyle

Hello my dears!! 
So today I bring to you a big notice, I changed my hair, now I'm with a hair more blonde...I was with a little afraid at the start but now I'm loving it, what do you think?
Oh and in the second photo I'm with my hair stylist in who I trust my hair always, if you live in Guimarães go to there and experiment : Gijo Cabelereiros. Thank You so much for always bring my crazy ideas come true!!
See you, love Joana*

Monday, 2 July 2012

Petal 36: Flea Market

The flea market arrived in Guimarães in this past weekend and I couldn't lost it!! In the next days I will show to you some of the pieces that I bought there and in the sales...
So this is one more part of the city that was recuperated and I have to tell to you that this is one of my favourite parts, join history, art, older people and youth!!

O "flea market" chegou a Guimarães neste fim-de-semana passado e eu não poderia perder! Nos próximos dias vou mostrar-vos algumas das peças que eu comprei lá e nos saldos...
Portanto, esta é mais uma parte da cidade que foi recuperada e eu tenho que vos dizer que esta é uma das minhas partes favoritas, junta-se a história, arte, pessoas mais velhas e a juventude!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Petal 35: Art

In the past weekend was opened the new center of arts in Guimarães, so I left you with some photos of the place. Kisses, Joana

No fim de semana passado foi inaugurado o novo centro de artes em Guimarães, então eu deixei-vos com algumas fotos do lugar. Beijos, Joana

Friday, 22 June 2012

Petal 34: Flowers and Lace

Today I choosed a blue lace dress with this shirt and flat sandals. What you think?
See you, Joana

 Hoje eu escolhi um vestido de renda azul com esta camisola de flores e sandálias baixinhas. O que vocês acham?
Beijos, Joana

Monday, 18 June 2012

Petal 33: Regatto

GELATO. Today I went at the new ice cream shop in Guimarães, Regatto it's the name and I have to admit the ice cream are so wonderful. The ice creams are all made with natural ingredients.
It's a beautiful space, if you are close of Guimarães, enters and try it!! Kisses, Joana

GELATO. Hoje eu fui à nova loja de gelados em Guimarães, Regatto é o nome e eu tenho que admitir que os gelados são maravilhosos. Os gelados são todos feitos com ingredientes naturais.
É um espaço bonito, e se vocês estiverem por perto de Guimarães, entrem e experimentem! Beijos, Joana