Thursday, 23 January 2014

Are you ready to enter in my fairytale?

Hello ;)

Today I'm really happy, mainly with the photos that I'll show you in this post...

I'm really a dreamer person, yes, sometimes I can be a little exaggerated in my dreaming life. But today I had all the feeling and background to dream that I was in a fairytale. You are asking why...

So today I found myself feeling like I was the snow white (mostly, because it's one of my favourite characters from disney's world and because of my new fluffy white coat), in the middle of one of the most wonderful gardens that I ever seen.

Please, give me a chance, and come into my fairytale....

Kisses JoanaC.



Denim jacket: Guess  Fluffy coat: H&M  Blouse: Natura  Skirt: H&M  Bag: Parfois