Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hello :)
Today I came to the blog very quickly to tell you about a new site that I found on, one of my favourite bloggers. I'm still searching about this site, but my first impression is very good.
For what I understand until now the Stylight is a very good support to bloggers around the world...
And I couldn't believe when I saw that they have this page where you can leave the link for your blog and they will see the blog and then you can dream with all the possibilities...and even if your blog don't have all the requires (like what can happen to me) you have to think that it's always a opportunity to make more people know your blog.
For me knowing that everyday I have new people coming see and liking my blog it's making my dreams come true!!

Stay tuned for more outfits!!
Kisses JoanaC.

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